Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wyclef for President

Despite criticism of his foundation, Yele Haiti, in the months following the earthquake that devastated his homeland, Wyclef Jean has announced his decision to run in the next Haitian presidential election. The question of how adequately prepared he is for this role is up for debate. In his favor, Wyclef was appointed Haiti's ambassador-at-large in 2007 and since then, has done his part to promote awareness of the dire situation plauging the country. He plans to promote dual citizenship and voting rights for Haitians that have left the country.
At worst, this election may give Haiti a much-needed push back into mainstream media, whose coverage of Haitian issues has slowed significantly following the natural disaster, and bridge the gap between the country's expatriates and its citizens. At best, Wyclef's popularity with Haiti's youth (who are utterly disillusioned by their politicians) will allow him to practice what he preaches.

Politician or musician, I'll always have love for Wyclef. Catch his live public announcement on Larry King this Thursday at 9pm.

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